Фаренгейт 451 - В Огне


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  • richard goodwin

    more of my incessant rambling

    now we're tawkin ! these cats are pissed
    the band is tight
    dig the arrangement
    dig the tones
    dig it
    if I had to criticize sumthin, the closest I can get to finding anything to whine about is MAYBE the singer coulda been a little more 'yelly' at times ? but that's just an observation because when doing a review ya can't just gush about how great the band is, or it sounds like you're working for them
    plus, what the hell do I know
    these guys are good
    get ya some


    Здорово !!!

    Клёво валите !!! Так держать !!! Плотно, и ни чего лишнего )

  • Cherep


    Не очень воспринимаю такую музыку с русским вокалом. Всё вроде бы звучит хорошо для своего стиля. Слабоват припев и не запоминается ничего после прослушивания.