alternative-metal, Alt/Math metal 
Joncofy is a history of three men. It's like some all-sufficient separate parts, each made from different material, accidentally, if one is possible at all, come together and invent inconceivable compliance and killing effectiveness. Kinda the shell, the gunpowder and the tip that arranges a bullet.

Anyways, beyond all this lyric stuff there are some events in the band history.

First attempts to form a band were performed by the originators Paranoise and Tolibas in 2001. At that time Tolibas was playing with some other band and its music was completely different to Joncofy. Paranoise was sitting alone at home torturing his guitar to accumulate the stuff for the future look of Joncofy. The most tangible problem for the embryo of the band was the drummer search process. It stretched out for 5 years! During this long period a several musicians were tasted. The most protracted collaboration was noticed with an experienced drummer Valera. He was really good on drums and had a big influence on the band by his infatuation for alternative and math metal. However his family status and maybe his age resulted in situation of searching for a drummer which could dedicate himself to music. But there was a huge positive experience from it all - they got an understanding of what level of the musician they need. And for happiness that man was founded. The first jam with the drummer, named himself Can, assured Tolibas and Paranoise that he really can. The rehearsal process was started again but as always you must spoil before you spin. Can was also playing with one well-known underground power-metal band and in addition had several side projects. All that side stuff was eating his time and it caused some conflicts inside the band. When still unnamed at that time band had been approached to do their studio records the new cripple difficulties such as unripeness of their relations and the most worst - total absence of the feeling that they are a band were arisen. Record was discarded and all become silent for one more year.

But however that may be Paranoise and Tolibas didn't quit their fatal habit of composing. Eventually one day Can rethought nobody knows what, leaved all the bands he was playing before, called Paranoise and said - let's play Music. It was August 2006 and it may regard as the creation date for Joncofy.