Mongolian Dethkit

alternative-metal, Dethpunkfunkodditymetal 
The first time you hear mongolian dethkit you assume it has to be a joke; it sounds too much like the monster from a B-movie or an especially dire comic book to be true. A five-foot (1.5m) long worm dwelling in the vast and inhospitable expanses of the Gobi Desert, the creature is known to Mongolia’s nomadic tribesmen as the allghoi khorkhoi (sometimes given as allerghoi horhai or olgoj chorchoj) or ‘intestine worm’ for its resemblance to a sort of living cow’s intestine. Apparently red in colour, sometimes described as having darker spots or blotches, and sometimes said to bear spiked projections at both ends, the khorkhoi is reputedly just as dangerous as its alarming appearance would suggest, squirting a lethal corrosive venom at its prey and capable of killing by discharging a deadly electric shock, even at a distance of some feet. ALL THE TRACKS LISTED WERE RECORDED ON FEBRUARY 13TH AND 14TH 2005,(on a shoes-tring budget). Dan the bassist, joined the group a week before recording and Mad sounding Adrian the singer/vocalist joined two months prior.The group is in its very early stages,Matt and Rob the guitarists wrote the arrangements with the intentions of finding a new sound.The key to the bands style and enthusiasm has come from the differences in age and influence of many musical tastes.The youngest in the group is Rowan on Drums at only 14yrs and the eldest is Adrian at 41yrs. The band has played just a handful gigs together so far,and have had very good receptions.